Machine Tongue

Dangerous Lilley has set us up to fail
Along with a sense of excitement, we knew
it wouldn’t happen
Another swollen premonition
Another fucking lie
I’m in the role of our enemy
Trying to keep strong,

The gates of a city have been snapped, broken
Beneath a tower, an aging icon
And as a cavalry surrounded six thousand raging minds
I spike the void with poison
And wear a heavy crown,

Guilt has been smuggled in beneath the collar
Friends have stopped calling, nothing lasts forever
Sit down and have a conversation
Have a sip of whisky, or anything else I own,

Can you see them in the nightmare somewhere?
Where I have six bullet holes in my suit
When they decided to play a turn
And snapped the board in half,

We hold onto these words, from a distant existence
Mourning screams and a despotic force
I drop down onto my demons from time to time
A swarm, whispers, conjuring up these thoughts
of my own,

Are they mutineers?
I don’t care
The planets are orbiting a lonely universe
And a robot is mapping out the stars,

The mood was locked in a surge of rage
A barricade, and the evening showed no remorse
I checked the time and noticed the hour was late\
As a chill wrapped itself around a garment of bones
And blood was dripping onto my shoes,

I had to re-encounter the fairground once more
The rest had been closed down
The beautiful liars
The synthetic horrors,
A magnificent illusion,

Fingernails of morphine are scratching in disease
As Dangerous Lilley took their words up onto
the stage
And I listened
And I pondered.

Ben Poppy