Holy Hector!

Hector woke in Hades bleeding

badly from his belly bloated but a little

with his pleats in wild disorder.

The boatman clapped him on the shoulder.

That’s two you owe me pal he said

and punted back across the water.

The sand was soggy underfoot

for Dionysus had the chair

and all the bodies on the ground

were smiling at the lack of air

while all the rest were busy getting born

relentless free and fair.

Hector on his knees gobbled

fistfuls of the soil

giving names to all the tiny creatures hiding there

of cities soon to burn. Up bobbled

Eris on the mermaid tail that Thetis

struck her with and said it’s good of you to meet us

here but it’s getting overcrowded and the love

you bear is better spent on vengeance up above.

My wife and son? he groaned.

They’ll be waiting when you’re done.

Andi’s found a homeless farmer

and Astyanax a subtle gun.

Then Achilles stumbled over with a bottle

in each hand blowing bloody bubbles

through his grin and slipped a wink

to Eris. All those scared and jealous men

he said to Hector still won’t touch a kitchen sink.

They sit in terror chewing comfort

just to spew it out in blood and death

and piss soaked pages of stinking ink.

Any man can lend a hand

but he can never claim no land

so go and kill them where they stand

he said and handed him a drink.

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