By David Croft

“While Bob showered, Candace lit a couple of candles and a stick of incense. She enjoyed the scent and her clients seemed to expect some sort of suitable ambience. Heavy purple velvet hung across the window. It was dark outside anyway.

Candace knew her room could actually smell worse sometimes; no client had ever mentioned things one way or the other to her, but she was aware her bladder incontinence, while mild, wouldn’t always stay managed; she worried that it was noticeable despite her precautions.”

Wednesday Afternoon

By Cavin Bryce

“Ricky walks outside and he sees his neighbor Kevin watching him through a dusty window. Ricky yells, “the fuck are you looking at!?” and in his anger he kicks over a can of gasoline which starts pouring downhill towards his neighbors trailer. This was an accident but his neighbor doesn’t know that. He just knows that Ricky is unhinged, tweaking. ”

A Quiet Way Out

By Chip Jett

“Kirby focused his energies on the Rooney insurance claim, and not a soul disturbed his work. Each time someone approached, he knew that would be it, party time. But it never was.  No special delivery at lunch, either. Kirby even paid for the new guy’s food because Hal had left his wallet at home. Lunch ended, and still no birthday surprise. He was mostly relieved not to have to endure the humiliation. But something else nagged at him.”

First Dinosaur on the Moon

By Liz Wride

“You take deliberate steps in the sand, as you head away, down the beach. You leave little footprints, as you recite facts about planets and famous lines from astronauts. You tell the sea that Jupiter has sixty-seven moons, that Pluto isn’t a planet, and that really, space is only a hundred kilometres away. It absorbs the information in waves – as do I.”


By Holden Molotsky

“First, the implant is designed to store memory data. This means that, upon installation of the device, your memories will be downloaded and stored to the device’s internal drive. While this is happening, you may experience…,” she hesitated slightly, looking for the right words that would not send me running for the door. “You may experience certain sensory hallucinations. These may include, but are not limited to, visual, aural, and olfactory hallucinations. It is important to remember that these are not real sensations, merely echoes of things you have previously experienced.”


Chapter 1: Inertia

‘Lack of routine does not a saint make’. My godfather had been lucky enough to find discipline in the Air Police. I had not been given such an opportunity, though he would argue that opportunities are taken not given. He was a smart man: sharp lapels and crisp collars, belted and immaculate cut like of the crest of a rare predator, always ready to swoop on to the next big thing. I pour out a glass of his whiskey before bed and flick the light.