Who We Are

No, we are not quitting our day jobs. We are two Master Degree graduates who have all too many times witnessed (or personally experienced) the screaming silence from publishing houses or, perhaps even worse, the not-so-explicit rejection letter generated by someone oddly similar to Siri. 

We are two run-of-the-mill(ennials) literary enthusiasts who think there are way too many neglected and rejected voices out there. 

Why the Anonymity? 

Apocalips is for you, not us. 

We are here to provide assistance and good old fashioned feedback, and so we believe that our names are irrelevant. 

Our Vision

We are here to assist those who would like to put their name out there; those who who know that they have something to say, but just need a little push to get where they want to be.

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Create (there are no limits)
  2. Submit
  3. Collaborate
  4. Get Published

We have no other agenda than to see great artists grow and blossom. Simply put, we envision great things to come.


We want whatever revelation might spill from your lips...or pencil or fingers or brush or video editing software. Send us anything that’s novel but not an actual novel.

A Horse of a Different Colour

We want to get you to Oz. And by Oz we mean wherever it is you’re looking to go. The man and woman behind the curtain can give you heart, and courage, and what we can spare of our brains, but we don’t pay for submissions so take your rights with you when you go. Or just chill with us behind the curtain.

Open for Submissions

We are open to submissions of all shapes and forms. Our aim is to provide meaningful feedback to all submissions, regardless of whether or not we publish them, and to work with authors towards a publishable piece wherever we see even a glimmer of something we like. Our community is our most valuable asset in this process.


When John wrote The Book of Revelation on Patmos he changed a lot of things. For better or for worse. Apokalypsis was its Greek title, and its Anglicisation, Apocalypse, has since been read as Ze end of Ze Vorld. But its etymological root, the Greek apokalypsis, translates to a literal revelation or uncovering. In the end, the meaning hasn’t actually changed that much. Any uncovering or discovery can bring about the end of the world as we know it. Fire and brimstone is merely an optional extra.