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Editing Services

To put it simply, if your work is perfect then please send it through to an established publishing house. This is a process, and we would like to work in a team assisting the creator to produce the best possible work.

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We're building a community of creative minds who are open to sharing their work with others. If a piece should ever be rejected by us, we encourage the creator to share it with the open community for further workshopping.

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Inertia by Tim Hollingsworth

'Lack of routine does not a saint make'. My godfather had been lucky enough to find discipline in the Air Police. I had not been given such an opportunity, though he would argue that opportunities are taken not given. He was a smart man: sharp lapels and crisp collars, belted and immaculate cut like of the crest of a rare predator, always ready to swoop on to the next big thing. I pour out a glass of his whiskey before bed and flick the light.


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Holy Hector! by Anonymous

Hector woke in Hades bleeding

badly from his belly bloated but a little

with his pleats in wild disorder.

The boatman clapped him on the shoulder.

That’s two you owe me pal he said

and punted back across the water.


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