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Editing Services

To put it simply, if your work is perfect then please send it through to an established publishing house. This is a process, and we would like to work as a team assisting the creator to produce the best possible work.

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We're building a community of creative minds who are open to sharing their work with others. If a piece should ever be rejected by us, we encourage the creator to share it with the open community for further workshopping.

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Candy by David Croft

‘This girl…!’ Candace! Arguing with her was going to make Chick crazy.

Maybe he could get her to see reason by prosecuting himself as a bad housemate; then she’d want to return to Val’s. Right?

If only she would hold up redecorating his place with her own stuff for five minutes; stop somewhere both their wheelchairs might fit and be face-to-face with him while he at least tried.


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Animosity by Caitlin White

the spore

has bloomed

I felt it open up between my kidneys A

taste on my breath

leaf litter decaying into soil

an ending


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